Welcome to Encore Disability Services

Here at Encore disability services, we understand your frustrations and complications living with a disability or two.  Our founder and director Mick, lives with disabilities and will always listen to your concerns and address them in the most appropriate way possible.
Mick will always place you first when it comes to your disability and needs to be addressed.
Encore Disability Services employs some staff that live with disabilities themselves  to better understand you and your needs for here at Encore Disability Services believes that people living with disabilities can achieve more together better as a whole than doing it as a sole person.
Here at Encore disability services we encourage you to be strong, independent and the best that you can be.
We believe that everything is possible and not impossible if you believe in yourself.
If you believe in yourself that you can achieve anything, how about believing in Encore Disability Services assist you to achieve your goals with our teams assistance.
We believe never give up, rather let us at Encore Disability Services assist you to get there.

Some of our services

Personal Care

domestic chores

Health Care Plans

education & training